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Four Gardens Workshops

Four Gardens workshops are inspirational and engaging experiences for teams and communities. Each workshop offers a series of interactive practices designed to help participants grow more balance, well-being, and joy in their lives. Each workshop option below can be delivered as a stand-alone experience, combined into a longer program, or offered as part of a series on different days of one calendar week. 

Workshop A

Cultivating Yourself: The Four Gardens Approach

The Four Gardens Approach is a framework to help you deepen your awareness and direct your energy through the cultivation of four key areas of life: health, nature, creativity, and service. Connect to your unique four gardens through a guided visualization and reflective journaling exercise. Tune into what you want to grow in your gardens through a sustainable intention setting process and recognition of the abundant resources already available to you. Strengthen community connections and find support through vulnerable shares.

Workshop B

Growing Your Creativity and Harvesting Your Highest Service

Each human has limitless potential for creative expression and meaningful service. Plant the seeds that will grow your greatest gifts! This session will begin with embodiment activities and games to help you access your creative flow state. Harvest fresh insights about what you want to create in the world through guided journaling. Craft a poetic personal mission statement to root your most powerful actions.

Workshop C

Cutting Through the Weeds to Find Clarity

In a modern world that is full of challenges both large and small, it’s critical to recognize what lies in your “garden of influence,” so that you don’t feel constantly overwhelmed. This session offers a series of practices including breathwork, journaling, and drawing to hone in on how you want to relate to any challenge in your life, and to release the parts of it that are out of your control and the feelings that no longer serve you.

Thank you!

Workshop Testimonials

"[Jake’s] workshops were phenomenal. I've integrated the "purpose statement" and associated imagery into the 2022 manifesting statements I have since written. Thank you [Jake] for bringing your wisdom and gifts!"

-S. Mackenzie Wallace


"Thank you to Jake Ifshin (artist, facilitator, permaculture designer, and supporter of divine masculinity) for sharing his Four Gardens approach to cultivating health, nature connection, creativity, and service…


His guidance on “planting” intention and shifting goals to a more sustainable model using the Four Gardens framework resonated deeply as it simply makes sense and feels manageable.


I also thank Jake for reiterating that the complications of modern life can best be managed through connection to community."

-John Roberts

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