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With all the distractions in our modern world, the Four Gardens approach offers a simple, elegant framework to organize our actions. When we focus on regularly tending our gardens of health, nature, creativity, and service, we are able to create amazing results for ourselves and others.  The Four Gardens approach is highly adaptable, and it is up to each individual to develop the self-stewardship practices that work best for their own unique gardens.

Aquanimous - sustainable self care products

Support Our Sponsor - Aquanimous

Aquanimous is a health and wellness brand founded with purpose to empower individuals for self care and compassion. Through self compassion we introduce individuals to their true nature, to drop inner resistance and awaken their highest self within. Through compassion for the self we build compassion for others and for the planet. 


When you purchase products from Aquanimous, a portion of your payment goes to us. Click the button below to support a local business and the Four Gardens Podcast.

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